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The Alaska Nordic Racing Philosophy

The Eagle River Nordic Training Center was founded in 1994 and has expanded into a consortium of Alaska ski coaches offering year-round training programs for athletes looking to advance their skills in nordic ski racing. This expansion, Alaska Nordic Racing, offers year round racer development and support for junior through masters level cross-country skiers. ANR athletes are provided with year round training programs specifically tailored to their goals and abilities. Training programs are supported year round by ANR coaches. Our program is built around the premise that athletes are best served when their training enriches them through education, proper technique, and most of all, a love for a sport. Different athletes require varying blends of these components. We approach each in the following ways:

Whether aspiring to improve your performance at a local or international level, including: recreational, high school, Besh Cup, Arctic Winter Games, Junior Nationals, college, national and international competitions, skiers need to know how to manage their training. ANR accomplishes this by helping skiers learn how year round training impacts performance by teaching them effective techniques for, planning, monitoring and implementing their training programs. ANR will teach you how to adjust intensity levels and activities to best meet your goals . ANR will support those interested in taking on the challenge of preparing for local, national and international competitions by helping them to safely bridge the gap between their current fitness levels and the increased volumes and intensities needed to complete at the higher levels.

Technical Training:
Racing well involves preparing the body for specific demands of skiing powerfully and efficiently. ANR skiers achieve these goals by preparing key muscle groups for fast skiing through a variety of training methods, which allow them to gain and enhance their endurance, strength and flexibility.

Variety and Love for the Sport:
No matter what age you are or where you are in your training, preparing to race must be enjoyable. ANR helps our athletes keep a healthy prospective of their long-term goals. While promoting an atmosphere to achieve success and enjoyment along the way.

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Alaska Nordic Racing is a cross country ski racing program that provides year-round training opportunities for Southcentral athletes of all ages.

ANR provides group training sessions, along with an individualized year-round training program, training log, coaching, waxing and support at local and national races.

Programs are available for junior through masters level skiers.

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